You can easily create a query to see information about volunteers in your database. Typically, volunteers are marked with the Volunteer constituency code in Altru. If you are using this constituency code, you can pull information about a constituent's volunteer information through the Volunteer Node.
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add a new Ad-hoc Query 
  3. Select the source view of constituents and click OK 
  4. From the left column, highlight Volunteer. From the middle column, drag Active to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to Yes. This will give you only those active volunteers in your system. 
  5. Next, you can add any additional information you might need to see about the volunteer to Include Records Where. Here are some example: 
    1. To see Address: Address (Primary)/Address, Address (Primary)/City, Address (Primary)/State Abbreviation, Address (Primary)/Zip Code
    2. To see Phone Number: Phones/Number
    3. To see Email Address: Email Addresses/Email Address Note: to only see hte primary email address or primary phone number, see our related solution: I need to include one email address or one phone number in query output
    4. To see Emergency Contact Information: Volunteer/Emergency Contact Name, Volunteer/Emergency Contact Phone
Here is an example of what your final query might look like:
Volunteer Query Example