Error: Processing Error: Satori raised fault - When Running the AddressFinder (NCOA)

When an organization schedules the AddressFinder (NCOA) to run, an error occurs. This error:

Unfortunately an error occurred during your scheduled AddressFinder import that prevented us from completing your request. If you contact eTapestry Support on Case Central and provide the following information we will try to assist you with your issue.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Error Key: Processing Error: Satori raised fault: Error 0x8004040A: You must map either: "FLD_ADDRESS_BLOCK", "FLD_FIRST_NAME", "FLD_LAST_NAME", "FLD_FULL_NAME", or "FLD_BUSINESS" as input fields. Job ID: 2c6e0f45-6e22-4244-a97f-fe489425367a##deb36e0c-0fc2-41a1-88e2-f2a75f9d3ac6, jobId: 2c6e0f45-6e22-4244-a97f-fe489425367a
Contact Support and reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Management in the menu
2. Click AddressFinder (NCOA)
3. Select the query you'd like to use to run the AddressFinder service
4. Fill out the remaining required fields
5. Click Schedule to run the AddressFinder service overnight
6. You will receive an email notification the day after the AddressFinder service attempts to run stating it ended in error

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