Availability in Advance sales not updating when marking a constituent as not canceled

After refunding a constituent's payment for a preregistered program and marking the constituent as canceled you may need to go back and mark that constituent as not canceled. After marking the constituent as not canceled you may also notice that the availability for the program in the Advance sales section may not update to reflect the constituent's new non canceled status
The availability that shows on the Advance sales screen is tied to the number of tickets and not the registration option itself. When a registration is marked as canceled the ticket is also marked as cancel. When the registration is marked as not canceled the ticket's status remains as canceled so the availability number in Advance sales will not change.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click sales > daily sales
  2. Process a transaction for preregistered program in the database
  3. After processing the transaction click sales > order search. Search for and select the order
  4. Click refund order under task
  5. Refund the order, choose to mark the constituent as canceled and refund the tickets to the inventory
  6. Click tickets > program. Search for and select the program
  7. Click on the event list tab and select the event that the constituent was registered for
  8. Click on the registrants tab and find the constituent
  9. Click the drop down arrow next to the constituent and click edit. Mark the constituent as not canceled
  10. Click sales > Advance sales
  11. Click on the create order tab and find the program that the constituent is registered for
  12. Notice that the availability of the program event has not updated since marking the constituent as not canceled


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