If Budget is enabled, this is usually because Budget categories are configured to require users to be authorized, and the API User is not on the list of authorized users.When you use software built with the Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) API, any changes that the software makes in Blackbaud Grantmaking are marked as completed by a system user called the 'API User'. In order for your software to pay payments which need to be resolved to the budget, or allow the API User to make any changes to the budget the API user must be authorized to access the budget. 

By default, when the API user is enabled for a client, the API user is not an authorized user who can access and make changes to the budget. In order for the API user to make any changes, they will need to be an authorized user of the budget. To verify this, and to complete this task:

1. Launch Budget 
2. Click into the budget year you wish to make your user authorized to (you cannot currently give blanketed access to an API user)
3. Select the Sub-Category or Line Item you wish to authorize your API user to access
4. Click the arrowhead (>) next to your chosen Sub-Category/Line Item and select Edit
5. You will see Authorized Users in the lower left hand portion of your page - click this to expand your list. 
6. Select API User from the list on the left and click Add. 
7. Once you are done adding authorized users to your budget, click Update at the bottom.