The Thank You page that displays after someone donates in TeamRaiser is the same as the Donation Form Thank You page. To find which donation form your TeamRaiser uses, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Find your TeamRaiser and click Edit
  3. Go to step 2. Select Fundraising Options
  4. Look at the dropdown menu under option 1 and notate the donation form name (after the dash)
Now that we know the donation form name, follow the steps below to locate the Thank You page.
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > select Donation Management
  2. Select All Donation Forms
  3. Find your donation form and click Edit
  4. Go to step 3. Design Donor Screens
  5. Click Edit next to Thank You Page
  6. This is where you'll make your updates