How to search for specific donations

In the event that a donor indicates that they made a donation, but neither the donor or the organization received a confirmation email, we can check to see if the donation processed before resubmitting the donations.
First, we need to search the donor's Journal apge
  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Type the Donor's name in the Account Name box
  4. Click Find
  5. Select correct account
  6. Select the Journal tab
  7. Locate and click on the donation that matches the date that the donor indicated he/she processed the transaction
  • If there is no donation that matches this criteria, proceed to the second set of steps listed below
  1. On the right side of the entry, below the Gift Types heading, verify that there is a value in the Authorization Code field
  • If there is not a value in this field, the donation did not process
  • If there is a value in this field, the donation processed and we can resend the donor's confirmation email using the steps available at How do I send an email from a Journal Entry?

If we cannot locate the gift in the donor's Journal page, we can also search for the donation using a query; this will help us identify if the donation was made in a different name (or if the donor misspelled their name, which is why we would not find the donation in their Journal page):
  1. Click Queries
  2. Click Manage Queries
  3. Select the category where you would like to store this query
  4. Select New Query under the Tasks menu
  5. Name the query 
  6. Set the Starting Query to Base/All Constituents
  7. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  8. Under Criteria Matching select Match Each Criteria
  9. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Browse Fields drop down menu and click on Journal Entry Date
  10. Fill in the date when the donor submitted the transaction
  11. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Browse Fields drop down menu and click on Individual Transaction Received
  12. Select Equal to from the drop down menu
  13. Fill in the exact amount of the donation
  14. Click Save and Preview
  • If the donation is listed on this screen, then the transaction was processed
  • If the donation is not listed on this screen, then it likely did not process and the donor can re-submit the donation
You can also contact your processing company to verify that the transaction was not submitted directly to the processor rather than through eTapestry: 

For assistance connecting with BBMS, please see How do I contact Blackbaud Merchant Services support?

For assistance connecting with Sage, please see How do I contact Sage Payment Solutions

For assistance connecting with IATS, please see How to contact IATS support




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