How to change the name of a Fund, Campaign, or Approach

When adding gifts or pledges to an account in eTapestry, we must choose a Fund to which the gift or pledge is applied. We also have the options to select a Campaign to show what specific efforts were done to influence the gift or pledge or an Approach which is used to show how you received that gift or pledge. As your organization grows, you may wish to alter the name of the Funds, Campaigns, or Approaches that you use and have that reflected on the gifts and pledges that you previously entered as well.
In most cases, altering data on such a large scale would require a Mass Update. However, in eTapestry, you are able to simply change the name of the Funds, Campaigns, and Approaches and that update will be reflected on the previously entered gifts and pledges as well. 

To change the name of the Fund, Campaign, or Approach, follow the steps below:
  1. Click Management
  2. Click either Funds, Campaigns, or Approaches
  3. Click on the name of the Fund, Campaign, or Approach that you would like to change 
  4. Make your change that you would like in the Name field
  5. Click the Save And button to save the change
This will change the name of the Fund, Campaign, or Approach so that you can select the updated name when entering in a new gift or pledge and also changes the name on all of the previously entered data so that you do not have to attempt to Mass Update the data.



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