To give a Student access to a Course they will need to be Content Editors of the Course. To do this navigate to:
  1. Core > Security > Content Editor Access
  2. Click Add Content Access Group
  3. Enter the Group Name (e.g. Varsity Football Photo Editors)
  4. Search for the appropriate constituents and move them to the Selected Users box by clicking on their name and then Add to Group>>
  5. In the Category channel, select the category type (e.g. Science, Football) to which you want to grant access
  6. In the Group channel, select the section/team (e.g. AP Chemistry, Varsity Football) to which you want to grant access
  7. Click Add Access
  8. Unmark all the checkboxes as you do not want the user to be able to edit any of this information
  9. Check the content types (e.g. photos, announcements) to which you want to grant access
  10. Click Save & Exit

Then they need to be added as Group Content Editors to be able to get to the Page, to do this navigate to: 
  1. Core > Security > Group Page Access
  2. Click the + Add Access button if Group Content Editor is not already listed
  3. Mark Group Content Editor 
  4. Click Add Access

For the Student to be able to get to the Class, they would navigate to:
  1. Classes > View Other Classes
  2. Click Browse Groups 
  3. Select Group Type: Academics
  4. Click into the name of the Page they are trying to access