The date the article was last updated displays in search results. The date the Knowledgebase article was written or last updated doesn't display on the article itself because it’s not necessarily helpful information and can be quite misleading.
For example, if we fixed a typo in an article yesterday, the last updated date will be yesterday. Of course, this date isn’t any better a reflection of the accuracy of the content than the original date.
On the other hand, some software functionality has existed for years. Just because an article was written and/or updated years ago doesn’t mean the information isn't still accurate and helpful.

Knowledgebase is the primary tool our support analysts use. They update KB articles on a daily basis based on the questions customers ask and answers they provide, and we regularly assess the content to ensure we're providing current, accurate information. 

If you have questions or feedback about a specific article, please share it with us; it will be our pleasure to look into it and follow up with you. We want Knowledgebase to be a very helpful resource that’s easy to use.