Why can't I find the options for configuring returning teams?

I have already enabled the site setting for returning teams, but am not able to see the returning team configurations for my TeamRaiser event. Why is this? 
If you have already had the returning TeamRaiser teams site option enabled by Support, your event must then be associated with a previous event before the returning team configuration options are available. To see if your event is associated with a previous event:
  1. Select Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  2. Click Edit for your TeamRaiser event
  3. On step 1. Identify TeamRaiser, look under Previous Event Association
  4. If a previous event has not been selected, click More
  5. Click the radio button next to the event to select it
  6. Click Next to save these changes

The Previous Event Association must be to to a TeamRaiser that is in an Event Status other than Archived.

You can now navigate to the returning team options:
  1. Navigate to Select Event Options
  2. Under Related Actions, click Edit Advanced Options
  3. Navigate to Define Returning Teams Options
  4. Mark the checkbox under Returning Teams Allowed
  5. Click Save



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