You can use the Appeal Mailing Process within Altru to send an email newsletter. Below are the steps to create an appeal mailing with special considerations for a newsletter. You can find additional information about appeal mailings in our related solution: How to run an Appeal Mailing (includes video demo)

Note: In the Marketing and Communications, under Packages, you will see Email Marketing. This email marketing area is currently only used for sending membership renewals and special event invitations. This is why we recommend utilizing the appeal mailing functionality to send any marketing newsletters. 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications 
  2. Click Appeal Mailings 
  3. Click Add to add a new Appeal Mailings 
  4. The Add an appeal mailing screen will appear. Under Step 1: Let's Get Started 
    1. Name your mailing (for example: October 2016 Newsletter) 
    2. Add a description if needed 
    3. Tie your mailing to an appeal. We recommend creating one appeal record (for example: Newsletters) for your newsletters to separate them from your other appeal mailings. 
    4. Under Processing Options, select an Address Processing Option and a Name Format Option. Note: Altru will send emails to the primary email address on a constituent's record. 
    5. Select whether you would like to send one letter per household or one letter for each individual. Note: Altru Appeal mailings sent to constituent records, not email addresses, so we recommend selecting one letter per household if spouses share an email address to prevent one email address from receiving multiple pieces. 
  5. Click Next. Under Step 2: Create Your Letters, you will configure the recipients and the content of your email message(s): 
    1. First, name your letter or choose to use a previous letter in your database by clicking "Use previous letter"
    2. Under Letter Recipients, click Add under "Selections of constituents that will receive this letter." Add constituencies or selections of constituents that should receive your email newsletter. 
    3. Under "Exclude constituents based on the following" add any applicable exclusions for your mailing (for example: you may want to exclude anyone marked with a "Do not email" solicit code)
    4. Under Letter Content, "What would you like Altru to do with this mailing?" select the appropriate option: 
      1. If you would like to email constituents directly from Altru, choose "Merge recipient information with a letter" and choose Email under "How do you want to send this letter?". 
      2. If you would like to export a list of recipients to email in an outside system, choose "Export a CSV file of recipient information"
    5. If you choose to send an email from Altru, you will compose your newsletter content using the Letter Content Editor in Altru. Under "Write your letter's content," click Add to add your letter content. For more information about working in the Letter Content Editor, see our video: Using the Altru Letter Content Editor. Note: You will be required to add a link to the Privacy Policy and Email Preferences Link if sending the email directly through Altru.
  6. Click Next. Under Step 3: Finish Up, click Finish and close. 
  7. When you're ready to send your mailing, click Run Mailing. 
  8. If you're sending emails directly from Altru, you will also need to specify when you would like Altru to send your email (immediately, at a future date and time, or if you would like to send the emails manually.)