1. In Registrar's Office, go to Export
  2. Create a new Student Export
  3. Filter the export on the students you are wanting to pull
  4. Select the Output tab and include the following fields:
    • Student > First Name
    • Student > Last Name
    • Student > Student Progression > Academic Year
      • For the Criteria, export 1 and filter on the current year
    • Student > Student Progression > Advisors > Last Name
    • Enrollments > Class of
  5. Export the File

  6. Open the exported CSV file

  7. Modify the Column headers to match Advisory Enrollment Scheme 1 and add additional columns as needed

  8. Manually enter information in the following columns:

    • this_duration - This should match the Starting Term name

    • level_description - This should match the specific School Level name

    • course_code - This would need to be entered manually into each Advisory (Advisory - MS, Advisory - US, etc.) then added to the spreadsheet

  9. Save the updated CSV file

  10. Go to Core > Settings > Data > Data Import

  11. Next to Advisory Enrollment, click Add Job

  12. Enter information and upload the file

    • Because no Advisory enrollments have been entered yet, select "insert where not exists" for the Import Process

  13. Select Validate only to process the file and check for any errors

  14. Click Save & Exit

  15. Once the file has validated and all errors have been resolved, select Process File

  16. Click Save & Exit