When retrieving applications and requirements in Blackbaud Grantmaking or installed GIFTS/Alta, there are three ways of updating long text fields.

The first option is to append the new text to the existing text. This is usually the cause of your long text fields having duplicate information, as the same text is appended to itself.
The second option is to have the new text replace the existing text.
The third option is to ignore the new text completely, and keep the existing text.

Please note that each of these settings can be changed for organization background, request project description, request evaluation and my blueprint long text fields independently. So you could set organization background to replace the new text, but project description to append the new text.
Please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at https://www.blackbaud.com/contact-us/ which will always have the most up to date information.

If you have Microedge GIFTS or GIFTS Alta, you can change these settings by launching IGAM > Tools > Preferences > System Wide > Updating GIFTS and make the changes yourself by following these steps:

1. Launch IGAM
2. Once IGAM loads, go to Tools > Preferences
3. Under 'System Wide', click 'Updating Gifts'
4. Choose the field that t you want to make the change to in the Long Text Field dropdown - options are Organization Background, Project Description, Evaluation, Customizer long text fields [NOTE: If you want to change the way data updates in ALL of these fields, then you MUST go through each and apply the change to each]
5. Fill the radio button that corresponds to your preference - as mentioned above, options are Replace existing text with new text, Add new text to existing text, Ignore new text (keep existing text)