1. Click Communications
  2. Click Manage Communications
  3. Select the category where you've stored this template
  4. Click the Mass Email link below the template name
  5. Select either the Basic Mass Email or Advanced Mass Email radio button
  6. Select the Category and Query name from the drop down menus
  7. Select your Persona preferences below the heading that says "Email Addresses should be pulled from which Persona(s)?"
  • "The Primary Persona only" will email all of the email addresses on the Primary Persona
  • "All Personas on the Account" will email all of the email addresses on all of the Personas listed for an account
  • "All of the Personas I select" will allow you to specify which Personas should be emailed and will email all of the email addresses listed on those Personas
  • "One Persona, based upon the Hierarchy I select" will send to all of the email addresses on a single Persona, but you can select which Personas should be pulled from first. If you specify the Business Persona first and the Personal Persona second, the database will first look for email addresses on the Business Persona, but if a constituent does not have a Business Persona, it will look at the Personal Persona.
  1. Continue with the remaining email steps; for reference, please see How to send an Advanced Mass Email or How to send a Basic Mass Email.