Membership contribution process does not upgrade levels for adjusted revenue.

Revenue that has already been applied to a membership contribution program is not reevaluated after adjusting the revenue amount and re-running the membership contribution process.
Once a revenue record is picked up by the contribution process, it will not be considered for additional contribution processes, even if the revenue record is adjusted.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new membership program with the following settings:
               General: Annual membership, contribution based, one term.
               Levels: Two levels. Level one $1.00-$10.00, Level two $10.01-$100.00.
Contributions: Count all giving activity types, apply money towards an upgrade, combined revenue transactions count toward a membership.
2. On a constituent record make a donation of $1.00.
3. Run a membership contribution process which includes newly created program.
4. Note the constituent is now a member of Level one.
5. Adjust the previous donation of $1.00 to $50.00.
6. Re-run the membership contribution process.
7. Note the adjusted revenue is not processed.


 Blackbaud CRM

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