To conduct a search against Requests records that have more that one Coding entry per Coding Sheet, please take the following steps:

1. While in GIFTS Alta or Classic, conduct a Full Search
2. Within the search, choose the Advanced Search type
3. In the empty field where the search parameters may be placed, enter the following search statement, but be sure to replace ## with any value noted in step 4 depending on what you are searching for:
Requests.ID IN (Select Codes.Request_ID FROM Codes where (Codes.Table_Master_ID = ## AND Codes.Primary = False))
4. The listed results should contain primary and secondary codes based on the Codes.Table_Master_ID parameter. This parameter is basically a selection between your coding sheets. There is a number identifier for each coding sheet; some of the more popular options are as follows:
4 - Program Area
6 - Fund
15 - Gender
17 - Ethnicity
20 - Geographical Area Served
Therefore, if you wanted to see which of your records had multiple codes selected under Geographical Area Served, you would use the following Advanced Search:
Requests.ID IN (Select Codes.Request_ID FROM Codes where (Codes.Table_Master_ID = 20 AND Codes.Primary = False))

Bear in mind, we are seeking to eventually make this a standard search filter and we encourage all users to vote on the corresponding Idea within the Blackbaud+MicroEdge Community Portal in the meantime using the link below: