Hyperlink in Online Express email is redirected to incorrect webpage when hyperlink includes symbol such as pound symbol or period

When creating an email in Online Express, some donation forms or Social Media links may contain special characters: e.g., a pound sign (#) or period (.).

The hyperlink can be correctly entered in Online Express, but when a constituent receives the email - they will be directed to the incorrect webpage. 
This has been resolved with a product release for Online Express.  If you are still experiencing this behavior, please recreate the email draft. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Online Express, click Email marketing
2. Click to Create new email
4. On the Contect Section of the Design email tab, click to Insert Text, Donation, Event, Membership, or Social Media        - If Text is inserted, click to Edit the text and Insert a hyperlink that contains symbol
4. Finish preparing the email and send to desired constituents
5. Constituents that receive the email will be redirected to incorrect webpage (the webpage will not have the symbol when the constituent clicks on the link)

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