Primary Phone.Number merge field brings in a non-primary phone in email message

When adding the Primary Phone.Number merge field to an email message, the phone number that is displayed in the email is another number on the constituent record and is not the primary phone number that is marked as primary on the constituent record.
In this case, the email was using an export definition that included "Phone Number" instead of "Primary Phone Number."  To address this issue, review the export definition and ensure the correct phone type is being exported.  

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Log into BBIS and to Email\Templates

2. Create a new template using Constituents as the data source

3. After saving the new template, on the Design tab of the template, add the merge field PrimaryPhone.Number

4. Add a Privacy page and a unsubscribe form and save these additions to the template.

5. Go to CRM-Analysis\Information Library and create a new Constituent ad-hoc query that contains the criteria for an existing constituent in the database; lookup ID, or First Name and Last Name. This existing constituent needs to have at least 2 phone numbers with 1 marked as primary.

6. Go to Email\Lists and create a new list using Constituents as the data source and select the ad-hoc query that was created in step 5. Save the new List.

7.  Go back to BBIS and go to Email\Messages and add a new message. Select the new template that was created in steps 2-4.

8. In the Recipient lists field in the new message select the list that was created in step 6. Type in a name for the email, and click Send Final.

9. Upon receiving the email message note that the phone number is not the phone number that is marked as primary in CRM, instead it is another number on the constituent's record.

This issue does not occur for new constituent records.


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