Error: Subscript out of range - when selecting the invoice tab while printing checks

When printing checks you may receive Error: Subscript out of range after or when trying to select the invoice tab.  This may occur after sorting the invoices tab by payment method.
This has been resolved in version 7.87 patch 14.

For a given FE user -
  1. Click Plug-Ins on the Navigation bar
  2. Click Miscellaneous, Reset Registry
  3. Per screenshot below:
    • Expand SuperGrid >  Expand CDataObjectGridList Grids > Mark the box next to the CreatePaymentsInvoiceTab.Invoices 
    • User-added image

  4. Click Delete
  5. Exit and sign out of The Financial Edge for the changes to take effect
  6. Log back into The Financial Edge 
  7. Click print checks and record bank drafts
  8. On the Invoices tab, select applicable invoices for payment
    • Note:  Do not click the column header for payment method - this currently is the trigger for the Error: Subscript out of range
  9. Proceed with creating checks (or EFTs or Bank Drafts)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into The Financial Edge > Accounts Payable
  2. Select Banks
  3. Selected preferred bank account
  4. Select Print checks and record bank drafts
  5. On the General tab, select preferred printer
  6. Select the Invoices tab and receive error: Subscript out of range


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