I'm searching for a request by its project title, but nothing comes up.

I'm trying to search for a request in GIFTS Online by typing its project title into the quick find bar. However, the results in the workspace are incorrect. It's like my quick find does not recognize the request project title.
In GIFTS Online, quick find preferences can be set on a user basis. When a user logs in to GIFTS Online, a 'Welcome User' message displays in the top left hand corner. If the user clicks on that 'Welcome' message, they are shown the user menu. One of the options in this menu is 'Preferences'. The user can click 'Preferences > Quick Find to display a window in which the quick find can be configured. If a search option is set to <Do Not Search>, then the quick find will ignore that field upon searching. To resolve the issue in this case, simply change the 'Program Title' from <Do Not Search> to any of the other constraints, such as 'Is' or 'Contains'.


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