I cannot allocate my payment to a budget, there is no option to do so.

When trying to allocate my payment to the budget I do not see an option to do so in the bottom right corner. There is no area to select a budget.
This occurs when either a request type or payment type has not been setup in the budget to require allocation.

To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1. From the Dashboard of GIFTS Online select Launch and then Budget
2. Select the Budget year for which you are trying to allocate a payment
3. In the top right select Budget Setup
4. There are two boxes at the bottom of this page. One for request types and another for payment types. Make sure that the request type and payment type of your payment are checked as requiring allocation.
5. Another box will appear near the top of this page that says OK. Check this box to confirm your changes. 
6. Return to your payment record to see that you can now allocate your payment


 Firefox;Internet Explorer
 Gifts Online

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