We will be able to use a constituent update batch to apply a birth date to a constituent. The constituent’s age will then be generated for us by Altru after committing our the batch generated by our import process.

Step 1: Ensure that your batch template is configured to collect the Birth Date field
  1. From Administration, Select Batch, Batch entry
  2. In the task bar on the left, Select Batch Templates
  3. Select the arrows to the left of the Constituent Update Batch, Select Edit Batch
  4. Navigate to the Select fields and defaults tab, Select Birth Date on the left, Move to the right
  5. Save
Step 2: Ensure that your CSV. Import file contains the necessary fields to import ​
  1. Constituent Type
  2. Constituent Lookup ID
  3. Last/Org/Group/Household name
  4. First Name
  5. Birth Date
Note - If you need to update other fields for the constituent, you can include these fields in this batch. The fields above will be the minimum fields we can use to update the birth date field

Step 3: Create Your Import Process
  1. From Administration, Select Import, Add a New Import Process
  2. Expand Constituent, Select Constituent Update Batch as the Batch Template type
  3. Give the process a Name
  4. Upload the file you will importing, Select Next
  5. On the map fields screen, Select Auto-map to Auto map your header fields (If any fields do not auto-map, you can manually map the column name used in your header)
  6. Select Next to navigate to Set Options, Navigate to the Other tab
  7. Under Search list fields, Select Use Quick find
  8. Save
  9. Start your import process, Navigate to the batch that has been created, Preview some of the records, Save and close
  10. Commit the batch, See that the records are updated