My membership renewal effort is showing indirect responses incorrectly

When a membership is renewed with the Appeal and Effort fields completed, but no Finder Number entered, the Membership Renewal Effort lists this as an indirect response.
The Finder Number is required to not have the membership renewal transaction listed as an indirect response. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Memberships and click on a Membership Program 
  2. Click Process Membership Renewal Notices 
  3. Download the output 
  4. Enter a membership renewal transaction for a constituent that appears in the output using a Finder Number 
  5. Go to Marketing and Communications  > Membership Renewal Efforts 
  6. On the Membership Renewal Efforts Tab, click on the name of the effort you ran today
  7. From the left menu, under Tasks, click Refresh Effort
  8. Once the process is refreshed, notice that a response appears in the appropriate segment under the Segments Tab
  9. Enter another transaction for a constituent that appears on the Membership output, except instead of using Finder Number, associate the transaction with the Appeal and the Effort 
  10. Repeat Steps 5-7 and notice that this response is Indirect

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