1. Select Sales, Refunds. 
  2. Search by the Order #, Constituent, Payment method, or Source
  3. The sales order should now appear on the refunds screen
  • Note:  If you only need to refund some of the items in the order, only mark the check boxes next to these items. 
  1. In the Payment Details section choose the payment method you would like to use for this refund.
  • Note: Credit Cards will not be refunded by the processor after 180 days have passed; you should refund these payments as Check or Cash.
  1. Choose the Reason Code and add a comment if desired
  2. Click Complete refund.  
  3. A pop up box will ask you "With this refund, do you want to mark registrants as Canceled and add tickets back to inventory?."  If you say no, then the capacity for the event will stay the same and the registrant will not be marked as cancelled.  If this person is no longer coming to the event, click No so that the capacity will be increased so these tickets can be resold and this registrant will be marked as cancelled.  If you are refunding memberships or membership add-ons, it will ask if you would like to cancel the membership.