How do I create a FIMS shortcut on a workstation, terminal server or the database server?

I used to have a FIMS shortcut on my desktop, but now I don't. I lost my FIMS Shortcut. I can't find my shortcut on my desktop. How do I get my FIMS shortcut back?
  • There is usually a shortcut to FIMS in your npo folder. (usually mapped as the N: drive on workstations or terminal servers. On the database server itself it would be the absolute path on the server like C for example)
  • If it is not located there, then you should be able to find it in the "found" folder. 
  • Once you locate the shortcut, right click on it and select Send to Desktop.
  • There should now be a FIMS shortcut on your desktop. 

Be sure that the shortcut is configured as follows below. The database server, the workstations and any terminal servers will all need their own ini file. You can copy the fimsnt.ini file and use it for workstations or terminal servers, but would rename each one accordingly, for example;

FIMSNT.ini-Needs to be used for the database server with absolute paths to the install on the server itself because FIMS upgrade installers are hard-coded to look at the FIMSNT.ini and the upgrades are run on the database server.
FIMS.ini-Used for the workstations with paths to the shared N drive.
FIMSTS.ini-there is a separate document on how to set up Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Servers for use with FIMS, see the following. There is a section in this document that outlines how the Terminal server shortcut needs to be configured:


Target (where n is the shared n drive on the server):
n:\dlc\bin\prowin32.exe -pf n:\found\configfiles\ -ini n:\found\configfiles\fims.ini

Start in:

NOTE: For Windows 10 machine you may need to use the UNC path for the shortcut, see the following article:

Database Server:
Target (where c is the absolute path on the server itself where FIMS is installed-your drive letter on your server where FIMS is installed may be different):
C:\NPO\dlc\bin\prowin32.exe -pf c:\npo\found\configfiles\ -ini c:\npo\found\configfiles\fimsnt.ini

Start in:

The ini files are located in \npo\found\ConfigFiles.
If you edit the shortcut, then after you click apply and ok on the short to save those changes, right-click and run FIMS as administrator and wait until the database selection screen appears, then you can cancel. FIMS has to be launched after editing the shortcut so that the registry is updated with those changes.




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