Your Test and Learn is a great place to explore FIMS without worrying about messing anything up! Here are some ideas on when to use it. 
  • New users can explore FIMS without risk of making mistakes or messing up your actual database. 
  • Importing Profiles, Grants, or other data? Do it in Test and Learn first to make sure all of your information is going where you want it to. 
  • Unsure how to adjust a Grant or make other changes? Try it in Test and Learn!
  • When making changes to a large group of profiles, test it out first to make sure you don't make changes that will need to be reversed later. 
  • Perhaps you need to run a report that takes a very long time to do. You can run it in Test and Learn! That way you can work as normal in your Live database as your report is running in the background.