Class of 2030 exports instead of '30 when I have YY selected in Alumni Options

When exporting constituent information using the Export module, the full Class of year populates (e.g. 2030) even though Config > Business Rules > Alumni Options has 'YY selected. 
This is based on the two-year date format from the Windows machine. For more information on changing this setting, see Records missing from Constituent Export when filtering on Class Of 2030 or higher

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Config > Business Rules > Alumni Options and choose for Class of to appear as 'YY
  2. Navigate to Export and create new constituent export
  3. Add desired fields and include Relationships > Education > Class of
  4. Select Export Now
  5. In the export, the class year will appear as 2030 as opposed to '30 for any years 2030 and beyond

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