Pivot Reports do not automatically refresh

Pivot reports do not automatically refresh when data changes in Raiser's Edge.
There are 2 options to consider, whichever you find works best for you -

Option A:
Each time the Pivot Report is run select PivotTable Tools followed by Refresh on the Options tab.

Option B:
Run the Pivot Report from Raiser's Edge then
Select PIvot Table Tools followed by Pivot Table > Options
Go to the Data tab and select "Refesh data when opening the file" followed by OK.
Close the Pivot in Excel and Save when prompted.
The report should be automatically refreshed each time it is run.

These options are not set by default in Excel, they would be selected for each Pivot Report.

Steps to Duplicate

  • Create a query of the data to be included in the pivot report
    • Example 1 - a constituent query with criteria gift date equals last month, to produce a list of total giving for those constituents who gave last month. Include constituent name, gift amount and gift date in output.
    • Example 2 (if Events optional module present) - a participant query with criteria event ID equals a specific event to produce a breakdown by participation.  Include participant name and participation in output
  • Create a pivot report via Reports > Pivot Reports in Raiser's Edge, select the relevant query and tick the option "Refresh Pivot data on each run".
    • Example 1 - Add name to Row Labels and Sum of Gift Amount to Values.  Shows constituent Anne Jones with a total of £22,65.  Go to the Data tab in Excel where this is made up of 1 x £10.65 and 1 x £12 gifts.    Save and close the pivot and change the gift amount on 1 of the gifts - eg £10.50.  Then run the Pivot report again - total unchanged on Pivot Report tab but correct amounts show on Data tab in Excel.
    • Example 2 - Add participant to Row Labels and Count of Participation to Values.  Shows 2 rows in the report - Corporate sponsor has count of 1 and (blank) has count of 3, as Data shows 4 records where only 1 has participation populated.  Save and close the report and update one of the participants via the Participant tab of the event selected in query.  Save and close then run the pivot report again.  Pivot Report tab unchanged, while Data tab shows change to Participation.
  • Replicated in version 7.95.6283 with patch 3 installed


 Replicated in local install Raiser's Edge so not environment or hosting specific
 Raiser's Edge
 Occurs in version 7.94 and higher where pivots integrate directly with Excel

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