Q1.  Where can I learn more about SKY API?
A1.  Please use our SKI API resources; SKY API Developer Portal: https://developer.sky.blackbaud.com  and SKY API Developer Community: https://community/blackbaud.com/developer

Q2.  Who will be able to access the SKY API?
A2.  The SKY API is available all NXT clients.

Q3.  In what data center(s) will Blackbaud be releasing the SKY API for NXT?
A3.  The Sky API runs primarily on a top-tier cloud service provider, while few services run in each of the NXT data centers.  NXT partners and clients worldwide will have access to APIs, independent of their current or future data center location.

Q4.  What fields/functions are being included in the SKY APIs?
A4.  The SKY API will eventually provide access to the most valuable and commonly used data objects in Raiser's Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT. However, v1 will be limited in scope, with the Raiser's Edge NXT being restricted to Constituent details, and Financial Edge NXT restricted to General Ledger initially.  Specific timing and order of subsequent objects, fields, functions is subject to change and will be determined by partner and client feedback.  To view SKY API endpoints review the API reference guide and the Entity Model guide.

Q5.  Is there a planned release cycle for the SKY API for NXT?
A5.  The release cadence will be similar to that of the NXT web view for the SKY API, with new and improved endpoints being released at least monthly, often weekly.

Q6.  Will the SKY API allow direct SQL queries to the SQL database?
A6.  No, as is common with the industry-standard cloud solutions, direct database access by client or 3rd parties is not permitted for security reasons.  The API will provide a secure, modern http-based method for accessing client's NXT data.

Q7.  How does the SKY API handle authentication and authorization?
A7.  The SKY API supports the OAuth 2.0 standard for authorization and authentication, in conjunction with users' blackbaud.com account credentials.  API calls require registered developers who've subscribed the the SKY API to receive authorization from the client.  For more information refer to the authorization section of our documentation.

Q8.  Are there any restrictions about how many calls, how much data can be done through the SKY API? 
A8.   The SKY API Standard Edition, which NXT clients are entitled to, is subject to a rate limit and daily quota.  Clients have the option to increase their daily quota for an additional fee. by submitting a usage increase request.  To view the SKY API's current limits, refer to the Rate limits and Quotas section in our documentation.