This may occur if the year on the date gets entered incorrectly, so it ends up looking like 0116 instead of 2016. On the front end of TA, you will only see the last two digits, so you will not notice this, but behind the scenes in the database the year is wrong.

This incorrect year can occur when manually entering a gift date or contact date in TA. For example, if the user types 8/29/116, then after they tab out of the field, TA automatically changes this to look just like 8/29/16, which looks fine, but in the backend, it is now 8/29/0116 instead of 8/29/2016.

This can only happen while entering single digit months, since the Gift_Date field will only let you enter 8 characters. So if you hit '1' twice in the year during October, it would come out 10/29/11, which a user would notice right away and fix it. It is only during single digit months when you can fit 8/29/116 that this can occur.

The resolution for transactions is to do an adjustment, and on Batch Detail, clear out the Gift Date and type it in again correctly. This will create a new transaction with the correct gift date, and leave the old one at $0. For Interactions, you can delete the existing Interaction and create a new one with the correct date, or if that is not possible, contact TA Support to correct the data via the backend.