In order to for this report to provide accurate data, an Accounts based query is needed to run this report. For this example, we will use the standard Base/All Constituents query so that the report will look at all of the constituents in the database. 

  1. Click Reports
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Click Donor Renewals Rate Report (under Executive reports on the top right side)
  4. Select Base as the query category
  5. Select All Constituents as the query
  6. In the Criteria, enter at least two and up to five different date ranges that you would like to compare to 
  7. Click Add after entering each date range 
  8. Select the type that you would like to report on:
    Received, Raised, or Gifted Amount
  9. Select the preferred Report Format 
  10. Click Submit to see the results 

Here is the Help document for more information on what each field in this report represents.