By default, some pages will require HTTPS connections. These include pages that contain transactional or secure parts, such as donation, event, and member forms. For other pages that do not contain these types of parts, a HTTP URL can be used to access the page. 

The page can be forcibly loaded over HTTPS by following one of the methods below:

Method 1: Manually Change the URL:
  1. In the navigation bar of your browser, update the URL to read HTTPS.
  2. For example, change to
Method 2: Enable Site Wide HTTPS
  1. ​Log into your Blackbaud NetCommunity website with a supervisor account.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Sites & settings
  3. Under the Encryption section, check the box for Require for all pages.
If after loading the page with the HTTPS URL some of content does not display, your browser may be blocking mixed content on the page. The page should be inspected for mixed content and updated.
Note: HTTPS requires a valid SSL certificate. Your website should have a SSL certificate for security and PCI compliance when processing transactions. If you would like more information about obtaining a new SSL certificate for your Blackbaud NetCommunity website, please click here