This example is for when you are looking for all pledges and gifts within a specific time frame, such as 2016. 
  1. Click Queries
  2. Click Manage Queries 
  3. Click on a category that you want to store this query in 
  4. Click New Query under Tasks
  5. Name the query: All Pledges and Gifts in 2016
  6. Select the Starting Query as Base as the category and All Constituents as the query
  7. Select Journal Entries as the Data Return Type
  8. Select Match each criteria for the Criteria Matching
  9. Select Any Persona for Which persona should be checked for matches
  10. In the Browse Fields, select Commonly Used Fields and click Journal Entry Date and Journal Entry Type
  11. Enter the date range you would like to see in the Journal Entry Date field 
  12. Select Gift and Pledge (and any other Journal Entry Type you would like to see)
  13. Click Save and Preview 

Keep in mind that this query will only work if you are looking for all gifts and pledges in a time frame. If you need to look for a specific amount in a gift or pledge, you will need to create two separate queries and then add them together using a compound query