You can build an Advanced List of students with their caretakers, custodians, or guardians, using the following parameters:
To build this list, navigate to:

  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Click Add > Click Create Advanced List
  4. Within Select Objects, expand Constituent Information and Select the following Objects:
  • User Base
  • Parent/Child Relationship
  • User Base which displays as User Base [1]
  • User Register, in the parent pop up select User Base.User ID, click Select
  1. Expand the School Object, and select School Year
  2. Under Constituent Information, Select User Base which displays as User Base [2]
  3. Select the Filters Tab
  4. Under Global Filters click + to add the Following Filters:
  • School Year.Current Year is True
  • Parent/Child Relationship.List as Parent is True
  • Parent/Child Relationship.Short Description1 is any of Caretaker,Custodian,Guardian
  1. Title the list and place into a Category if desired
  2. Click Save or Save & Exit