To optimize the transaction grids in the plug-in for faster loading, there is a setting in Options > Constituent Merge Connection that allows you to limit the maximum number of updates to display.  This provides a maximum for each transaction grid (Constituent Information and Gifts and Registrations).

For example, if the maximum number is set to display to 250, only 250 transactions will display in each section.  As these transactions are processed or rejected, if there are more updates to process, they will then flow into the transaction grid until all updates have been processed.  

Please note: the maximum number of updates you can display at once is 10,000.  Any updates beyond that number will be queued to flow into the grid as updates cleared out of the plug-in.  However, please remember that the plug-in is meant to be a temporary holding place only, and transactions should processed as they come in to prevent performance issues or QPM errors.  

For more information, please consult The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online Integration Guide.