1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Click the List Templates tab
  3. From the Template Category drop-down, select Gradebook
  4. Click View/Copy for Gradebook Cumulative Grade by Marking Period
  5. Select the Select Objects tab
  6. From the left side, expand Athletic Group
  7. Select Athletic Enrollment
  8. From the drop-down, select User Base.User ID = Athletic Enrollment Student User Id
  9. Click Select
  10. From the Athletic Group category, select Athletic Group
  11. From the Athletic Group category, select Athletic Sport Level
  12. Select the Filters tab
  13. From the Gradebook Marking Period.Marking Period filter, select the  icon to edit the filter
  14. Use the text box to replace [Marking Period] with the name of the Marking Period you are trying to gather grades for
  15. Click Select
  16. Under Global Filters, click + to add a filter
  17. From the Fields drop-down, select Athletic Sport Level.Sport Level Title
  18. Enter the name of the sports team you are building the list for
  19. Click Select