Incorrect results when querying on constituency does not equal X with soft credits to Both recipient and donor in gift query

When creating a gift query and including the Criteria: Constituency code does not equal or Constituency code not one of, a gift may be missing when setting the Soft Credit options to Both.  If the hard credit donor has a constituent code that is being excluded in the Criteria, the gift will not appear in the results for the soft credit recipient even if they do not have the constituent code on their record.
This issue occurs because the query is using negative operators, which exclude the desired gift. 

Depending on the option chosen in Tools > Query Options > Gift Processing > Credit Soft credits to, you'll receive the following result:

Soft credits to Donor: Only the donor's record (Angela Diresta) is checked for the Constituency Code. The gift is excluded because the donor has the Constituency Code.

Soft credits to Recipient: Only the recipient's record (Joseph Diresta) is checked for the constituency code. The gift it included because the recipient does not have the Constituency code.

Soft credits to both: Both constituent records are checked for the constituency code. Because the Donor HAS it, the gift is removed from the results. We have told query NOT to include the gift in the group of records we're creating. Even though the recipient doesn't have the constituency code, that gift has already been removed because of the donor's constituency code. 

Note: This only occurs in a Gift query and not in a constituent query, because the constituent query is looking at each constituent record. This means that Angela Diresta is excluded from the results, but Joseph Diresta is not. The soft credit that exists on his record can then be included in the output of the query. 

For more information on how negative operators can affect query results, see Records are excluded when querying using the does not equal operator.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Raiser's Edge Sample database, open Angela Diresta's constituent record
  2. On the Bio 2 tab, add a new constituent code that is not on her spouse Joe Diresta's record, such as Trustee. Save the record.
  3. From Angela's record, add a new gift - go to the Soft Credits tab to confirm Joe Diresta is listed 
  4. Save and Close the gift and Angela's record
  5. Go to Query> New Query
  • Type: Gift; Format: Dynamic
  1. On the Criteria tab select: 
Constituent> Constituency> Constituent Code does not equal Trustee
AND Gift Date equals [date of gift entered in Step 3]
  1. From the menu bar in the query, go to Tools> Query Options> Gift Processing
  2. Under Credit Soft Credits to, select Both
  3. Click OK
  4. On the Output tab, add any gift information/constituent information to view the gifts
  5. Click Run Now to view results
  6. Notice Joe Diresta is not listed - If you change Soft Credit Options to Recipient and re-run the query, Joe now appears in the results 

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