Please note the Donation Campaign and Donation Form tied to the TeamRaiser must support ACH as a payment option in order for the TeamRaiser event to allow ACH registrations and donations. To enable ACH as a payment option in your TeamRaiser:
  1. In Luminate Online go to Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  2. Click edit for the TeamRaiser you wish to add this payment option to
  3. Click Customize Pages
  4. Click Configure for Payment Page
    • Note: Payment Page will only display if a TeamRaiser setting is enabled to use Donations2 for registration. Follow the steps below to verify:
    1. Go to Step 3. Event Options
    2. Under Related Actions, click Edit Advanced Options
    3. Enable the last step: "Donations 2 Registration Transaction Processing"
  5. Mark the box for 2. Bank Account Withdrawal
  6. Click Save