Error: The sending of this email encountered an issue - while sending an email message

While sending an email, you may experience the following error:

Rebuild error: The sending of this email encountered an issue. Please re-send your message.

This error may occur if a previous delivery failed to rebuild the audience and subsequent resends or new deliveries for that same email message may continue to fail.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, create a copy of the email message and send it again. You may also want to check the groups in your email audience. If you have any groups that are configured to rebuild before sending, then make sure there are no problems with the group query. Here are some rebuild errors that could be contributing to this specific rebuild issue:

Error: The group list has cyclic dependencies !! - While attempting to send an email
Error: Group 'Group Name' (group_id=XXXXX) does not exist - When attempting to rebuild a query group

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Schedule an email to send at a future date.
  2. The email fails to build the email audience.
  3. Try resending the same message
  4. This may generate the following error: "The sending of this email encountered an issue. Please re-send your message."

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