1. Create a new Student Query in a Dynamic Format
  2. On the criteria ,tab> Expand Student > Bio 1> Double click current status> Choose the preferred status
  3. Click on the output tab. Expand Student> Bio 1  and choose your preferred fields such as Full Name.
  4. Expand Bio 2 > Birth Information> double click birth date
  5. Choose any other preferred fields on the Criteria tab 
  6. On the sort tab, choose the preferred field to sort by.

Note: The birth date field is a single field. If you want to sort based on the birth date field, please refer to How to sort a query of birth dates in day or month order .






  1. Create a new Student Directory  with Birth Date as a field on the Fields tab. How to create a student directory

Note: The report can be sorted  by Birth Month , Year, and/or Date by going to Format > Sort\Break