Error: Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website - When generating correspondence

Users may encounter the following error when trying to generate correspondence: "Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website". 
This generally happens because the configuration for Internet Explorer was not done correctly or not done at all. Perform the following steps to ensure this is done correctly:

Setup and Security Settings
To ensure that Internet Explorer performs as expected, the following steps should be completed:
1. Go to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.
2. Add your GIFTS Online site to the list of Allowed Sites in your Pop-up Blocker –
3. Click Close.
4. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
5. In the Select a zone area, click Trusted Sites.
6. If checked, uncheck the box for Enable Protected Mode near the bottom.
7. Click the Custom Level button. a. Scroll down to the Downloads section and make sure the File download option is enabled. b. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and make sure the Display mixed content setting is enabled.
8. Click OK, and Yes at the confirmation prompt to save changes.
9. With the Trusted Sites zone still selected, click the Sites button.
10. Enter your company’s GIFTS Online site and click Add. a. If you are using Online Applications with the Account Designer and Forms Design Wizard, the following is also required: b. If you are using Reports, the following is also required: c. If you are using the Document Template Manger, the following is also required: d. If you are a client based in the United Kingdom, the following is also required:  NOTE: If you are unable to access the Forms Manger, add the following: and
11. Close the Trusted sites window.
12. Click OK to close the Internet Options window

Use the attached file If necessary


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