For example, you may have students enrolled on 7/1/2106 instead of 7/1/2016. You can run a list to determine who has incorrect Enrollment Years, to create this list, navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Lists > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
  3. Click Add > Create Advanced List
  4. Within Select Objects under Constituent Information Select User Base and User Register
  5. Select the Display Fields Tab
  6. Click Select Fields
  7. Expand User Base and User Register and mark First Name, Last Name and Enroll Date
  8. Select the Filters Tab and add the Following Global Filters by clicking the + icon:
  • User Register.School Year any of and the School Year you are having issues running the Transcripts such as 2016-2017
  • User Register.Enroll Date on or After 1/1/XXXX where the X's match the Enrollment Year of the transposed number such as 2106
  1. Title and Save the list
  2. Click Preview

Once you have edited the affected Students Enrollment Dates, the Transcripts will run.