In order to pull the correct academic year's information on the Online Reenrollment form, the progression entry must be set to the correct year. 
  1. Log into NetCommunity.
  2. Select Site Explorer > Forms.
  3.  Click the pencil icon to edit the Form
  4. Under Available elements, expand Student.
  5. Locate the added progression entry field for current grade level > Click the pencil icon to edit.
  6. From the Academic year drop down menu, select the correct year associated with the form from the Education Edge.
  7. Save.
  8. Save and close the form. 
If the year is correct, confirm there is not an old progression entry on the Student's record:
  1. Open Education Edge
  2. Navigate to the Registrar's office
  3. Open the student in question
  4. Click the Progression Entry icon (person walking up stairs)
  5. Confirm that an old progression entry is not listed. If an old entry is listed, either remove it or update it to the current year.