1. Edit the email.
  2. Highlight the merge field.
  3. Select the Formatting tab in the WYSIWYG editor and select the font size, font color, and font family you would like to set for this field.
  4. Click to Save.
If this does not resolve the behavior, this indicates there are multiple styles being added to the content of the message. There is likely a style in the HTML of the message that it telling the merge field font to be different than the remaining font. If you're comfortable reviewing HTML or another user at the organization is, you're welcome to review it within the email.
Otherwise, you would either need to:
  1. Remove all formatting from the message
  2. Create a brand new message from scratch
  3. If you have an existing template, you could create a new message from the template.
  4. If none of these options will work for you, then we could loop in our design team to review it further. How do I fix design issues with my site?