1. Navigate to Query and select New
2. Select Student and file type, Click Okay
3. In Criteria, choose the following:
  • Student > Bio 1 > Current Status
  • You may also choose to filter by grades, last names, etc. to make the size of the query more manageable
User-added image 

4. In Output, choose the following
  • Student > First Name, Last Name
  • Student Properties > Import ID (this is the Host ID required by the K-12 ON Products)
  • Enrollments > Class of (please not that not all schools track this information)
  • Grades > Grades\Skills > Academic Year, Course ID, Course Name
  • Grades > Grades\Skills > Grades > Grade, Marking Column, Attempted Credits, Awarded Credits
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5. In Sort, choose the following
  • Query Fields > Marking Columns, Last name, First Name
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6. Results should look similiar to the following:

User-added image

7. Export this to excel.

Manually remove the rows that contain the marking columns you do not need. As the query sorted marking columns, they will be grouped together.