The Communications template being used to generate the receipt can be updated to include a field that will show the deductible portion of a transaction, instead of (or in addition to) the entire Received amount:
  1. Click on Communications in the menu
  2. Click the Manage Communications button
  3. Click the name of the category your template is stored under (ex: Receipts)
  4. Click the name of the template to open it
  5. If you are replacing an existing field (such as Received) with the new deductible field, double click on the field you are replacing. Otherwise, place your cursor in the area of your template where you would like to insert the field and click on the Insert eTapestry Merge Value icon in the toolbar
  6. In the Merge Tags window, set the Category to Journal Fields and the Field to Received Minus Non-Deductible
  7. Click Insert
  8. Click Save And Finish to save your changes