Email address link is not saving preference when entering two

When working in email marketing in Online Express, and you have two email addresses listed in the email, the second email address will default to the first or be blank. 
This has been resolved with the 11/01/16 release of Online Express

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Email marketing in Online Express
2. Click on an email draft or click Create a new email
3. In the content editor, click “Edit” in the area you want to add the hyperlink
4. Highlight the text you want to use for the hyperlink
5. Click the Insert Hyperlink icon
6. Click the Email address option in the Create link window
7. In the Email address field, type mailto:[the desired email address] 
8. Click Apply
9. Click Apply
10. Make any other desired changes
11. Click Save & continue
12. Repeat with a second email
13. Notice this defaults to the previous one.

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