We can build a Constituent Revenue Amounts Smart Field to help us identify the latest membership transaction amount on constituent records.
  1. From Administration, Select Smart Fields
  2. Select Add, Choose the Constituent Revenue Application Amounts
  3. Enter any necessary information on the General Tab
    • Name (required)
    • Description 
    • Category
    • Value Groups
  4. ​Select the Appropriate Parameters on the Parameters Tab
    • Value to Return: Select Latest Application Amount
    • Enter Specific Dates or Recent Dates if desired
    • Revenue Types: Mark the Checkbox for Membership
    • Transaction type/Application: under Order, mark the box for Membership
    • Transaction type/Application: under Payment, mark the box for Membership
  5. Save > Start Process
  6. Set up a Job Schedule if you would like the smart field to process automatically (Optional)
Note: Constituents without memberships will populate with $0.00 as the latest membership amount. If you will be using this field in a query to identify members who have received complimentary memberships, you will also want to add a filter that will identify if they have a membership on their record such as Member\Membership\Membership Program is equal to X or Member\Membership\Status is equal to Active