Recognition credit show blank on membership payment

You may find that when constituent's purchase a membership - that is dues based with 100% of the revenue showing as contributed, the recognition credits on the membership are blank. You find that this only occurs when memberships are purchased via sales order, online sales, or advance sales. When the membership is purchased via the back office the recognition credits show correctly.
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue, its impact in the software, and the availability of an alternative solution. After careful consideration, we have determined that this issue will not be addressed currently in the Altru software. Product Development will be focusing development resources in other existing areas of the product, as well as new feature development. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to the Leadership Membership Program > In the Rules tab, confirm that 'Yes, the tax deductible portion from benefits is contributed membership revenue and the percentage is set to 100%
Sell a membership via daily sales:
  1. Go to Sales > Daily Sales
    • Enter a Constituent Name
    • Select Memberships to sell a membership
    • Select join Leadership Program
    • Save
  2. Enter a Payment, Complete
  3. Navigate to the Sales order record you just completed, see that the contributed portion of the membership does not show on the order
  4. Select Go to Revenue
  5. On the recognition tab, see that the constituent has received a $0.00 Donor Credit
Sell a membership via back office payment:
  1. Navigate to a Constituent Record
  2. Select Add a Membership in the task bar
    • Select the Program Leadership
    • Select a level
    • Save
  3.  Navigate to the payment record, See that the membership shows as $0.00 and the Donation (contributed portion of the membership payment) shows as $150.00
  4. Select go to revenue next to the donation portion of the membership payment, Navigate to the recognition credit
  5. See that they receive $150.00 recognition credits for the Donation


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