How to find public BBIS pages

For reporting or auditing purposes, it may be helpful to know which BBIS pages are public.

Public BBIS pages have the role name of "Everyone" set to "View" in the 'Targeting and Security' tab of Page Properties. BBIS Support can send you a SQL script to get information on these pages.
Contact BBIS Support and reference this article (KnowledgeBase #104977). An analyst will send you a read-only SQL script that returns the names, page IDs, URLs, and Descriptions of all public-facing BBIS pages.

If BBIS is hosted by Blackbaud, tell the analyst the time you would like the script to be run.

If you are self-hosted, have a Database Administrator run the read-only script. Note that this script queries tables that are used by the system. Do not create scripts to edit rows in these tables.

In BBIS, go to Site Explorer, then Pages and Templates. Compare the pages to the results of the script. The script returns information on all BBIS pages where the role name of "Everyone" is set to "View" in the 'Targeting and Security' tab of the Page Properties. It also displays the template ID of the pages, as well as information on whether the page is deleted.


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